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Wallpaper Hanging Tools

Before you begin your wallpaper hanging project you should be certain to acquire the proper tools for the job. It is important to know, at this point, whether the paper you have purchased is adhesive backed or not. If it is adhesive backed, you will want a water box, if not you will need a paste brush and bucket for your paste. A water box is a long low trough rather resembling a window box. It is a container for soaking the wallpaper before it is put on the wall.

You will need a paper stripper or a wall scraper if you are removing old wallpaper. A water spray bottle is also handy to dampen the old paper, especially if it is the old common type. A putty knife should be used to patch the wall before wallpaper is applied. Some wallpapers were designed for easy removal and will come away from the wall simply by peeling back a corner and pulling.

Wallpaper Brush Image

A yard stick or other long straight-edge will be needed. For straight cutting use a trimming knife, cutting wheel, and/or utility knife. A plumb bob/chalk line goes a long way in ensuring a square and tidy job by helping you to create straight and precise vertical lines. Another nice tool is a trimming guide which is rather like a small square. Made of metal it can be butted up against edges to help guide the trimming knife.

Roller Image

A bucket for paste (if necessary) and certainly a bucket for water are essential for clean application. A sponge should be kept in the water bucket to wipe away excess adhesive. The smoothing brushwith stiff bristles helps to smooth the paper out, and the seams should be pressed down with a roller.

Other tools that may come in handy include scissors and a small paint brush especially for doing repairs.

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