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Wallpaper Finishing Touches

Almost any wallpaper can be complemented by a border. In fact most borders are designed with a specific wallpaper in mind. Wallpaper borders are generally hung at the horizontal edge of a wallpaper field, often at the top near the innovation, sometimes at the bottom to provide an even transition between a wall papered area and the rest of the wall. Border can also be installed without any other wallpaper.

To apply border understand that you cannot lay the vinyl border directly over the vinyl paper without some special preparation because vinyl paper does not stick well to other vinyl paper. To solve this problem, you may mark off the area to be covered with a pencilled line, mask with tape and paint the area to receive the border with a primer/sealer paint. Then paste the border over the top of the painted surface. You can also purchase a special paste that will allow you to lay vinyl over vinyl.

Hanging border is fairly simple. Cut the length that you will need, giving yourself a bit extra to make allowances for corners. As in standard wallpaper, roll the border loosely backwards and soak in the water box. As you pull it out, fold it accordion style. Apply it using the same brushing techniques. Roll the edges.

You might also wish to put wallpaper on light-switch covers. You can actually match the pattern of the wall behind fairly closely. This can be done by loosely replacing the light-switch cover, then cutting a matching piece of scrap wallpaper about an inch longer and wider than the plate to fit over the area in question. Hold the scrap up to the wall so that the top part matches (because of the hump made by the cover, the bottom piece will not match). Now holding the scrap in place, remove the cover. Move the paper down the cover about 1/8 of an inch. Crease a fold around the top edge, then crease a fold around the bottom edge. Make a slice with a utility knife at each corner to the outside edge of the scrap. Now do the same thing for the sides.

Turn the plate on its face and cut an "X" where the switch opening is. Now paste the paper to the light-switch cover. Remove the paper around the toggle with your utility knife.

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