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Wallpaper How To Manual

Wallpaper lends a touch of class to any home. It can be tailored to a wide variety of tastes and best of all, in recent years it has become relatively easy to install. At one time wallpaper and paste were separate. Today wallpapers are made from materials that are easy to handle and are backed with paste.

At the Wallpaper How To website we go into detail to help you take on a home-improving wallpaper project. We cover all aspects of wallpaper hanging from prepping the wall through papering the light-switch covers. You can navigate this site in several ways. First, you can simply read through the entire website, like a manual, by making use of the "next page" links at the bottom of each page. You can also use the navigation links at the top of the page or reference the table of contents below:

The History of Wallpaper like much of the history of innovation and invention moves from East to West and has much to do with the history of paper itself.

There are many types of wallpaper from which to choose. Besides designs and patterns that seem appropriate for certain decors, there are various materials that should be considered for high utility rooms.

There are some specialized tools for wallpaper that you will want to have on hand before beginning your wallpaper hanging project.

Preps before wallpapering a very important to ensure the proper hanging and long life of a wallpapered surface. This can include removing old wallpaper and patching wallboard.

Planning your wallpaper project is one of the most important things you will do. You want to know where you are going to start and where you are going to end up - before you start.

For some home improvement projects getting ready to work is half the bother. This is also the case with wallpaper hanging. Once you have accomplished all of the above, you will find that hanging wallpaper is fairly easy.

Corners and Windows need special treatment. Wallpaper shrinks, walls are not always square and windows provide an obstacle to quick wallpaper hanging.

When the field is done, there are some finishing touches you may wish to make, including wallpapering light-switch covers and putting on borders.

It is inevitable that your wallpapering project will age. "Things happen". We will give you a few pointers on how to repair wallpaper problems and mistakes.

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